Air quality

Update: September 2018, replaces the previous one (November 2014)

This new air quality protocol is aimed at adapting our protective measures towards students and staff (LFS and DSS) against risks of atmospheric pollution.

It aligns on the standards used in the main international schools of Shanghai, following the requirements of the local authorities on that matter. As to achieve this goal, the process now takes into account the level of PM2.5 (fine particles in suspension in the air), following the objectives of WHO.


Air quality measures are provided by Chinese authorities several times a day. According to the information collected, various actions are planned.

qualite de l air

In Qinqpu, colors are displayed by a flag at the reception, plus by lamps in the courtyard as well as around the sports field and in the hall of the kindergarten.

In Pudong, colors are displayed by a flag.


Inside our premises, the air quality is optimized (reduction of 80% of the PM2.5 particles on average) thanks to an integrated air filtering system in Qingpu, and to mobile air purification devices in Pudong.