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The Qingpu and Yangpu campuses each have a school restaurant. They offer daily meals cooked on site by the school’s school catering company: Chartwells. At the two sites, different service lines offer a choice of balanced menus every day to all middle and high school students. Primary students eat lunch together on a dedicated line: the “set menu”, which offers a healthy and balanced menu. Finally, kindergarten children have lunch in a dedicated space with a full menu specially made for toddlers. Each year, a commission is set up to assess and improve the service provided. Restaurant fees are included in the tuition fees.

1. Before going to the canteen

 I wash and disinfect my hands. If I can’t do it, I ask an adult to help me.

2. Before entering the canteen

I wear my mask and pass the temperature control. In the line, I respect social distancing.

3. Once I have been served

I go directly to the table.

4. At the table

I can sit with my friends, but I respect social distancing, and stay behind the separators.

5. When I leave the table

I leave the canteen through the designated exits.

Discover our Chefs

Juan Manuel Casado
Chef Yangpu Campus

“I have been living in Shanghai for more than 7 years, married with a Chinese woman and 2 children. Engineer of profession and cook of heart, I studied engineering during working like cook at different restaurant in Spain, then working like engineer but I felt that it was not my passion, I changed my life to dedicate it to the culinary and I have been cooking for more than 20 yaers and more thank 4 teaching culinary arts in the University like Culinary Instructor. I do my arms in many great houses including star restaurants. I’m active, organized, precise, cleaned amd creative. I know very well Spanish cuisinea and also international cuisine.”

Oscar Bartran Bove
Chef Qingpu Campus

” My culinary skills are a mix of flavor and senses, coming from my family influence, travel and expereince around the world. J’ai été le chef de plueiurs restaurants avant de travailler pour le Lycée frenacais de Shanghai. With my experience abroad and in China, I have acquired a strong experience for my job today. I am also graduated with a Certificate of Dietetics and Nutrition “.


eCash is a software for parents of Secondary students (only), which allows you to consult the account balance, transactions, history and details of your child’s consumption in the canteen via the Internet. The card balance is updated regularly.

How does ECASH work?

To use eCash, you must have an account for each of your children. Note that to date, an email address can only be used for one child.
If you are interested, please send your request to Chartwells by e-mail:

Chartwells will give you the internal number of your child’s canteen card, which will allow you to create your account with password. These requests are processed once a week, on Wednesdays. To create your account and use eCash, click on the following link:ECash access

When creating the account, you can activate the “enable low balance notification” function which lets you know when the card balance reaches the threshold set in “Low Balance Trigger Amount”. Once the eCash account has been created, you can access all the features offered by eCash (balance, transaction history, etc.)



It is essential that all children eat their fill.

In the “set menu” only, children have the right to refill themselves at will on fruits, vegetables and raw vegetables. Children can refill themselves in reasonable proportions on meat, fish, fried foods, desserts, cheeses, etc., and provided they do not waste.

A la carte dishes are not entitled to an additional ration, but it is possible to ask the staff for larger quantities during the service.


The meals are designed by the head chef, then validated by the nurses, in order to maintain a balanced diet.


Several options are available to you: contact the school’s General Services directly, send them an e-mail or contact the members of the catering committee. Students can also turn to their class representatives, who can then come to see General Services. In all cases, they will contact Chartwells, the school catering service provider.


Students can turn to the supervisors or the supervisory staff for the youngest. If there is a concern, it is important that children know that they can speak to any adult staff member present in the canteen.


According to his contract, our service provider can only select products selected and validated by its “Health, Safety and Environment” department. It should be noted that the Shanghai hygiene services make surprise visits to the school restaurants of the Lycée Français and that no violation has ever been found to date. Since their opening, our two restaurants have always had a “green smile”, a sign of excellent sanitary conditions.



Fabrice Frohlig
General Services Manager
Qingpu Campus


Oscar Beltrane
Sara Chen
Site Manager
Qingpu Campus

Willy Bonga
General Services Manager
Yangpu Campus

Juan Casado
Ray Ge
Site Manager
Yangpu Campus

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