Guidance is a continuous and progressive process throughout the school years. The goal is to make the student more independent by guiding him/her to choose what education they will pursue. In this section, you will find the guidance information program, as well as information on guidance: the different courses, the procedures, the timeline of the post-bac procedures, etc.

Here are a few points about the procedures:

For students entering a seconde or première technologique/professionnelle: specific procedure, AFFELNET.

This is an online procedure, and the school will help you apply (you cannot access it on your own). The period for entering the information is now open, and will close between the end of May and mid-June, depending on the schools.

For the students entering the last year of high school (Terminale), you can directly contact the Headmaster of the school you have chosen (depending on where you’ll be living, or the high school offering the chosen options), and send an application to the school.

For the students entering 5e, 4e, and 3e: you can directly contact the Headmaster of the school you have chosen (depending on where you’ll be living, or the middle school offering the chosen options), and send the application to the school and to the DSDEN (Direction des Services Départementaux de l’Éducation Nationale).

Parcours Avenir

The individual course about information, guidance and discovery of the economic and professional world (PDMF) gives each student of the Lycée français de Shanghai, from 6e to Terminale, the possibility to establish their own guidance path, from the drafting of the project to its completion, from the discovery to its implementation, throughout the school years.

Message from the guidance and counselling department 

In order to help the students and their families, AEFE and ONISEP bring together their know-how and reaffirm their desire to provide the schools with the following service:

– monorientationenligne.fr: a free customized service that provides answers to questions concerning the different professions and the educational system in France. It is also possible to talk with an expert by chat or by phone.

– the CDI (school library) also holds the folders of the CIDJ (Centre d’information et de documentation pour la jeunesse), the files of the ONISEP, the special editions of the ONISEP, the collection “parcours” of the ONISEP. The library is a subscriber of biblionisep (online service for consultation of the ONISEP publications about the professions, the trainings and the professional sectors), Infohorizon (a quiz about your interests, a possibility to cross-reference professional preferences, an encyclopedia with 1,000 job information files best adapted to the personality of the student)

– Agora: this website creates a network of former and current students of the various high schools in the Asia-Pacific. The goal of Agora under the theme of guidance is a platform to connect and communicate between former and future former French high school located in the Asia-Pacific area. Register here and get more information.

– Association des anciens élèves du LFS (Former LFS Alumni association): Do you need information about a training course or a boarding school? Register here on the website of former LFS students!

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