The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)

A government agency

The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) is a government institution supervised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Founded in 1990, it is responsible for monitoring and managing the network of French schools abroad.
The AEFE is the guarantor of the French education system abroad. It plays a key role in expanding France’s cultural and linguistic influence throughout the world and serves to boost the appeal of French higher education.

Steering, supporting, advising the world’s largest network of nationally accredited schools operating outside national borders

The AEFE has two offices, in Paris and Nantes, and coordinates relationships with the 494 accredited schools in the network:

  • 74 schools managed directly, which are branches of the AEFE
  • 156 schools under contract with AEFE and managed by associations or foundations
  • 264 partner schools

Our missions

  •  Ensuring the continuity of French government education for children living abroad whith their families
  •  Taking part in educational cooperation by nurturing special relations with the culture, language and educational system in the host country
  •  Broadening the influence of French language and culture by taking in foreign students
  •  Helping families pay tuition fees while endeavoring to keep costs to a minimum
  •  Awarding grants to students of French nationality attending one of the network’s schools

Our actions

  •  Managing the human resources and financial aid provided by the government for French schools abroad
  •  Recruiting, assigning and remunerating qualified teaching staff, coordination and inspection staff, and managerial staff
  •  Assessing teachers and teaching methods, as well as non-teaching staff
  •  Steering and managing staff training
  •  Awarding grants for the management of schools, investments, equipment and teaching aids
  •  Helping French students with scholarships
  •  Offering merit scholarships to the most successful foreign students seeking to pursue their higher education in France
Map showing the network of French schools abroad

Video: AEFE presentation clipVideo: AEFE presentation clip and Brochure to be downloaded in PDF format (pdf – 2.08 Mo)