The Parents’ Association of the Lycée Français de Shanghai was established on the basis of the dispositions of the French law signed on the 1st of July 1901, and of its implementing decree. The Managing Committee is responsible for the oversight of all administrative and financial matters. It is elected for two years during the annual General Assembly.

Managing Committee

It is formed of 8 elected volunteers, and of 2 ex officio members: the Consul General and the Attaché for university cooperation. Moreover, the Managing Committee also includes invited members, such as the School’s Headmaster, the Head of primary school, the Deputy Headmaster, the COO, the CFO and the HRD.

Educational leadership

The School’s Headmaster and the four Deputy Headmasters are nominated by the AEFE under the convention.

Administrative services

The educational leaders cooperate with the administrative teams to ensure the smooth functioning of the LFS on a daily basis. They help with recruiting of staff and maintaining good relationships with providers and the local authorities, as well as with managing the infrastructures. Without this sharing of expertise, the LFS would never be what it is today: one of the top French schools in Asia-Pacific.