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The Shanghai French School welcomes children from 48 different nationalities, French and non-French speakers, from Kindergarten to High School. We follow the French national curriculum enriched by 5 unique and challenging streams aiming at developing students’ abilities to think, communicate and act in a multilingual and multicultural world.

These 5 streams provide our students with the linguistic and cultural experiences to achieve a high level of language prociency, a thorough knowledge of the cultures of the countries of these languages and to develop a multilingualism and multiculturalism (depending on the program followed).

Our Head of languages closely monitors each student’s progress and moves them across the several language ability groups, within the same stream and across the dierent language streams, over the course of the academic year and throughout their time of schooling at the Shanghai French School.

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The general stream

Welcomes children, beginners in French, English or Chinese, or with less than 2 years of learning in one of these 3 languages. Once enrolled in this stream, children develop their oral and written abilities in the 3 languages and build strong grammatical foundations.

They can then transfer to our European English, International American, Oriental Chinese or International Chinese Streams. Chinese and English classes take place in language ability groups according to each child’s prociency, and with the exibility to move between groups over the course of the academic year.

For children joining us with limited or no French, specic support is provided as part of our French as the Language of Instruction Program.

The European stream

Accommodates children with a good knowledge of the English language. Within this stream, students strengthen their knowledge and acquire an excellent prociency in English as well as the deep understanding of the Anglo-Saxon culture.

This stream opens onto our International American Stream. An English test is required for admission in this stream.

The International American Stream (IAS)

Welcomes students with a high level of English (understanding, speaking and writing wise).

Within this stream, students develop their bilingualism and biculturalism thanks to a challenging teaching of the English language and literature as well as the acquisition of the Anglo-Saxon culture. It is a highly demanding stream requiring dedication, motivation and ability to adapt to a heavy workload.

Courses are taught by native-English teachers. An English test is required for admission in this stream.


Welcomes students who are already procient in Chinese. In this stream, students develop a comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese language, literature and culture, allowing them to think, communicate and act in a Chinese environment.

This very demanding stream requires a strong capacity of self-study, high motivation and the desire to acquire a deep knowledge of the Chinese culture.

Courses are taught by native-Chinese teachers. A Chinese test is required for admission in this stream.


Opened from the Seconde to students who already have a good knowledge of the Chinese language. Within this stream, students strengthen their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, acquire the tools to understand the contemporary Chinese world and the condence to evolve in it.

This challenging stream requires consistency and motivation to learn the Chinese language and culture. A Chinese test is required for admission in this stream.

Language certifications

The language streams of Shanghai French School offer students the possibility to gain recognized language certifications, giving them additional credits to get admitted into the best universities worldwide.

Languages program chart

non-native speakers

The Shanghai French School welcomes students whose native language is not necessarily French or who haven’t been previously schooled in a French system. All adults at school will help your child to learn French. In primary and secondary school, your child will be enrolled in a regular class and will receive special lessons in French with new comers from his/her class and from other classes, for a few hours a week.

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Santa Lorenzoni
Head of languages and english teacher
Yangpu & Qingpu campuses

Anne-Laure Fournier
Teaching coordinator and Chinese teacher
Yangpu campus

Aurélia Petragallo
FLSco teacher and coordinator
Yangpu & Qingpu campuses

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