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A school manage by the families
for the benefit of the families

The Shanghai French School is a private non-profit institution under Chinese law, managed by the Board of Directors. The governance of the LFS favors the interest of students and families while always ensuring the stability and sustainability of the establishment.

Our school was founded 25 years ago next year, by a small group of parents who were keen to provide a quality education to their children, based on the idea of equality and mutualization of interests. Still today these values remain at the core of the Lycée Français de Shanghai and its governance.

The Parent's association of Shanghai French School

The parents’ association of Shanghai French School, which all parents are members, is the sovereign body of the school. As a non-profit association under French law, it gathers once a year at the General Assembly (GA). The GA enables parents to compare their ideas, decide on important matters of the school and choose those who represent them on the Board of Directors.

This democratic functioning has been at the heart of the values and governance of our school since its foundation and allows each parent to take an active part in the life and the major challenges of the school. The Parents’ Association entrusts the management of current affairs to the Board of Directors, elected for two years at the General Assembly.

Statutes of the
Parent’s association

The Board of Directors

Philippe SNEL
Francis LIM
Julien BARÈS
General Secretary
Marie de BONI
Isabelle DUCROCQ
Co-opted Member
Co-opted Member
Guest Member







As the main management body of the Shanghai French School, the Board of Directors is responsible for :

  • the LFS development strategy.
  • The Board ensures the legal representation of the school in the person of its President
  • Supervises the management of the school, ensured by the Principal and the Executive Director.

It is constituted of 8 members, all volunteers. The specialized committees (human resources, finance, education, construction, communication) submit recommendations to the entire Board in plenary meetings every month.

Contact: conseil.administration@lyceeshanghai.com


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