School transportation

BUS 2The school provides a school transportation service for students every weekday.

More than 65 vehicles are used everyday, driving to the Eurocampus site, in partnership with local transportation companies.

Each campus is managed by a Bus Manager, under the supervision of the Services Généraux (General services, email links at the bottom of the page). On board, a driver and a (Chinese) supervisor take care of the children.

All buses are equipped with 3-point seatbelts and booster seats for children attending kindergarten. Their use is mandatory. Bus Map

Transportation is exclusively reserved for paying students. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to ride on it.


Warning: the bus stops for the 5pm buses, for the students of middle and high school, are not necessarily the same as the bus stops for the 3pm buses.

Creation of the bus routes:

The school bus routes are created at the beginning of the school year, based on the addresses of registered students. Each of the routes has several meeting points, meant to be practical for the larger number of students.

Qingpu :

The school cannot commit to providing a door to door service, nor to ensuring pickup for families living too far outside the existing network. These families need to organise their own transportation, or to join the closest meeting point.


The registration form can be downloaded on the right side of the page.

For each campus, the Bus Manager provides all necessary information to help identify the bus routes and the appropriate meeting points.


You can access a list of the most frequently asked questions here

It gives additional information about some of the above-mentioned details.

Bus tracking app


Useful documents

Bus regulation FR/EN – YP
 School bus registration form FR/EN – YP
– Parental waiver FR/EN – YP
 Schedule of regular lines FR/EN – YP
 Approximate time for return trips from  12:35pm to 3pm FR/EN – YP
– Approximate time for return trips from at 5pm FR/EN – YP
– Bus rules FR/EN – YP
– Bus vocabulary sheet FR/EN – YP

 Bus regulation FR/EN – QP
 School bus registration form FR/EN – QP
 Parental waiver FR/EN – QP
Schedule of regular lines FR/EN – QP
 Approximate time for return trips from  12:35pm to 3pm FR/EN – QP
– Approximate time for return trips from at 5pm FR/EN – QP

– Bus rules FR/EN – QP
– Bus vocabulary sheet FR/EN – QP

Qingpu Campus

James Qu, Bus Manager (anglophone)

Tel: 3976 0555 (ext. 121) ou 131 6266 7795

Fabrice Frohlig, Responsable Services généraux

Yangpu Campus

Luc Xu, Bus Manager
Tel: 6897 6589 (ext. 105) ou 137 6430 8665

Gatien Delame, Coordinateur Services généraux

A transportation committee is composed of parents is formed each year to inform and allow good communication between the families and the school in charge of managing the service.
The parents selected for the Transportation committee for the school year are:

Campus de Qingpu
Campus de Yangpu