Community service

H4HMany schools in Shanghai require students to provide community service to graduate. Our school wishes to promote community service as a way to enhance student participation in our institution. This is how the community service project will work inside our school.

1. All departments in our school can offer community service tasks. These actions need to be advertised through the community service coordinator. They will be posted on the LFS community service Facebook page and on the community service notice board in the C corridor (2nd floor).

2. Students can then sign up for the community service actions with the community service coordinator on a first come first served basis.

3. Students fill in the Community service verification sheet and return it to the coordinator who validates the hours. These hours will be reported on the students’ report card every trimester.

4. Students can also validate community service hours with organizations, institutions and charities outside of school. Speak to the community service coordinator before completing the hours to ensure they fit the community service criteria.

5. LFS has its own Habitat for Humanity campus chapter which will organize a Global village trip every year in April. Only students with the required amount of community service hours can join the Global Village initiative.

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