School fees

Before submitting a registration file, please read carefully our Financial Regulations 2019-2020.


Construction fees are to be paid before the entrance of the child to our school and returned back to the family / company when the child leaves our school. For self-paying families the cost is 30,000 RMB and 75,000 RMB per child when the company covers partly or fully the school fees.

Lunch fees are included in the tuition fees.

School bus service is optional and has an additional cost.

The Lycée Français de Shanghai reserves the right not to admit students in the school if all the fees (first registration, tuition, transportation…) are not paid. For families taking care of these costs themselves, a payment in installments can be proposed.



The Lycée Français de Shanghai is a school accredited by the French Ministry of Education and is a member of the AEFE network (Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad), a network of 497 international French schools implemented in 137 countries. As such, scholarships can be granted to French children from age 3 years old living with their family abroad (at least one of the parents).

Scholarship application is to be done directly through the General Consulate of France in Shanghai.

For all the detailed information on the scholarships, please refer to the Consulate’s website: