The Macbeth board game

Throughout several weeks, all SIA classes of 2nde in Language and Literature were given a project to complete by the 19th of December. The goal was to create a board game in relation to the studied text in class, Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Indeed, this board game helped the students to develop their creativity and prove their understanding of the text. In order to complete this task, the respective classes of Ms. De Renzy-Martin, Ms. Hecker and Ms. Switzer, were divided in small groups of 4 to 5 people and each of the groups had to come up with their own board game. Therefore, to accomplish this task and achieve top grades, specific criteria had to be reached such as:

-Creativity and awareness: Thought has been put into the game with creative questions, game pieces and game board. It must be visually pleasing with the use of many colors.

-Rules: The rules had to be clear, typed and edited for errors.

-Accuracy of Content: All information cards made for the game are correct.
Knowledge gained: The game creation demonstrates a strong level of knowledge that could challenge anyone.

Language: Correctly uses the English language: no spelling, grammar or wording mistakes.

When creating their board games, some groups were inspired by original games in contrast to some other groups who mixed ideas from different board games to create their own. For instance, one group recreated the ‘Pictionary’ game but each picked card was related to Macbeth.

At the end of the realization of each board game, all classes of 2nde SIA were gathered in one classroom to exchange their projects and play the games of each group. The classroom was divided into different stations that each had one game and the several students around. After a certain amount of time, each group would go the next station and so on. Two full hours from 10 to 12am were consecrated for this project. It was an opportunity for the students to explore different games, extend their imagination and knowledge while learning how to communicate with their fellow students. It was a great end to the year and the unit.

Agathe M.